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The Complete Workforce Solution

Say goodbye to staffing and budgetary woes and hello to an innovative workforce partnership that will help you achieve workforce stability, independence, and save on labor costs. 

Effective & Cost-Efficient Workforce Solutions

The workforce has changed—your solutions should too. There’s never been a better time for your facility to be Powered by ShiftMed. With ShiftMed you can seamlessly manage your internal labor pools and tap into a W-2 external float pool of over 350,000 credentialed nurses – leading to less reliance on agencies, lower labor costs, and increased retention rates. ShiftMed enables skilled nursing facilities to:

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With a more sustainable workforce solution, skilled nursing facilities will realize significant savings in labor costs. 

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Never struggle to fill a shift or maintain optimal staffing levels with access to our W-2 marketplace of 350,000+ nurses.

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Our innovative technology and W-2 marketplace easily integrates with scheduling tools to streamline staffing processes and help fill shifts fast.

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

ShiftMed provides a comprehensive workforce solution that combines innovative technology with the largest on-demand workforce marketplace. You can cut costs and establish a balanced, flexible workforce by leveraging our vast network of nurses and advanced workforce technology solutions. 

Support for your continuous success

We genuinely care about your success and want to surpass your expectations. That’s why we are committed to going above and beyond to provide our post-acute care facilities with white-glove customer service.  

As a ShiftMed partner, you have 24/7 access to our support center. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager to help you track market-based pay rates and optimize your fill rates.  

Plus, we make it easy to stay on top of your game by delivering data and insights that compare your return, cancel, and pay rates with your area’s comp rates. 

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ShiftMed: There When You Need Us

How to Streamline Your Hiring Process with ShiftMed's On Demand Staffing Solution

In the ever-evolving healthcare sector, facilities are grappling with the daunting task of managing their workforce efficiently. The hiring process often presents numerous challenges - from finding qualified professionals on short notice to ensuring compliance with legal regulations. This complexity intensifies for leaders within the post-acute and hospital system space, given their unique staffing needs and regulatory requirements. Amidst this landscape, a transformative solution is imperative to navigate these turbulent waters. 

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How Hiring Per-Diem, W-2 Healthcare Workers Can Improve Quality of Care in Your Facility

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the crux of success for post-acute and hospital system leaders lies in ensuring high-quality care, as it directly influences patient outcomes and the reputation of their facility. Paramount to achieving this is making sound staffing decisions. The right healthcare professionals enhance patient satisfaction and safety and foster a culture of improvement. ShiftMed recognizes the power of leveraging W-2 healthcare workers to bolster care quality, and we illuminate how it can transform your facility's performance. 

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Ranked #10 2024 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Mid-Atlantic

ShiftMed Awards

ShiftMed proudly stands as an industry leader, having clinched multiple prestigious awards in recognition of our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing healthcare staffing and workforce management.


2024 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Mid-Atlantic


Fastest Growing Private Companies in America of 2023


Fastest Growing Companies in Greater Washington of 2023


Fastest Growing Private Companies in America of 2023

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Emerging health IT vendors, per Black Book Research

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Digital health megadeals of ’23

Entrepreneur Of The Year® Mid-Atlantic

ShiftMed CEO Todd Walrath 2023

Best Workforce Management Software

For Healthcare Industry of 2023

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