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Tap into the largest pool of on-demand W-2 healthcare workers—350,000 and counting.

ShiftMed On Demand provides direct access to local, credentialed healthcare professionals ready to fill shift vacancies as needed, reducing your reliance on expensive travel contracts and making it easy for your team to adapt to fluctuating patient volumes. 

  • Expand your float pool and create a more versatile workforce.

  • Maintain ideal staffing ratios and sustain care continuity.

  • Reduce costs associated with overstaffing or underutilizing resources.

  • Add ShiftMed workers to your full-time staff without a buyout fee.

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On Demand nurses are an extension of your team.

ShiftMed healthcare professionals, which include RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and RTs, serve as an extension of your team, completing the same onboarding, orientation shifts, and LMS training as internal staff.

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W-2 Employment

Our nurses are W-2 employees, making them compliant with labor laws and regulations. We also take legal and financial responsibility for them while working at your location(s).

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Credential Verification

Our nurses meet all federal and state requirements for professional practice. We also integrate your unique credential requirements into our platform and verify them for you.

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Easy Implementation

Our nurses use the same time clock, scheduling, and HRIS systems as your internal staff. Compensation aligns with your pay structure to ensure consistency across the workforce.


Empowering healthcare professionals to succeed.

ShiftMed recruits and retains high-quality healthcare professionals to serve your organization by offering:

  • Job flexibility and control over work schedule.

  • Access to affordable healthcare plan options.

  • Free Instant Pay for financial flexibility and security.

  • Special pricing on training and upskilling opportunities.

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Tech-Powered Workforce Solutions 

Our cutting-edge healthcare solutions empowers you to build, maintain, and manage a dynamic, cost-effective workforce strategy, ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care. 

1099 to W-2 Transition Program

Our transition program makes moving your external labor from 1099 contractors to ShiftMed W-2 employees smooth and easy. 

  • Dedicated support and training for internal and external workers. 

  • Targeted marketing materials and communication campaigns. 

  • Co-branded landing page for streamlining the onboarding process.

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Platinum Rebate Program

Platinum Shifters are champions of our attendance policy, showing up for shifts like clockwork. We’re so confident these top-performing healthcare professionals will show up for your shifts that we’ll pay you if they don’t.*  

  • 82% of shifts worked involve returning nurses.  

  • Platinum Shifters work 80% of the shifts we fill. 

* By opting into the Platinum Rebate Program, ShiftMed will credit your facility for half (1/2) of the claimed shift at the applicable hourly rate if the Platinum Shifter fails to show up for a claimed shift. Facilities must opt into the Program to be eligible to be paid for shifts when a healthcare professional does not show up for their shift. The Program is available in select markets for select facilities. 

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