The future of health care staffing is here.
With the largest network of caregivers, ShiftMed has all of the CNAs, HHAs and LPNs to meet all of your staffing needs - instantly.
How it works
Step One
Shift Posted

We know how much of a headache it is to work 5-10 staffing companies to fill your shifts. ShiftMed makes life easy for your staffing coordinator. We'll take shift requests by email, by phone or even by integrating with your company's current staffing technology.

Once we have your shifts, we post them on our ShiftFeed. Over 40,000 caregivers check our mobile app everyday to find their next job.

Step Two
Shift Filled

Are you tired of waiting for hours to hear from agencies, only to find that you're still short? As your shifts are posted to our feed, ShiftStaff provides you up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of your request as well as previous requests!

With ShiftMed filling 90% of shifts within 5 minutes - there is no last minute request that we can't handle.

Step Three
Digital Credentials

Before any of our highly qualified nurses arrives at your facility, you'll be able to view all of their credentials including previous shift ratings and reviews. ShiftCred continuously monitors all of our nurses credentials to ensure there is no lapse in credentialing so you've the peace of mind when state regulators swing by.

ShiftMed even provides custom PBJ downloads so that when you need reporting information for any state audit, it's all there with one click.

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