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Take Control of Your Healthcare Labor Spend

ShiftMed's technology empowers healthcare providers to intelligently route labor needs to the lowest-cost workforce, prioritizing your staff and local pools before contract labor.

Helping Partners Save—Millions.

With ShiftMed’s technology, contract labor is a last resort. Achieve significant savings by implementing workforce technology that routes labor needs to the lowest-cost workforce available by leveraging your own staff and flexible pools first. Set pricing for external labor and have over 1,500 agencies bid to deliver local resources. We enable you to invest in your workforce rather than high-cost agencies.

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SSM Health Saves $9M in Med/Surg Labor

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Health System Savings Reaches $85M with On Demand Staffing

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Patient Quality Scores Soar with ShiftMed

Shaping the Future of Healthcare—Together

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Tailored Solutions for Your Workforce Needs

From staffing shortages to scheduling complexities, our product portfolio addresses every aspect of your workforce challenges with personalized solutions.

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ShiftMed Flex

Quickly and easily fill your scheduling gaps and cut labor costs with custom-branded mobile app technology that leverages your internal staff before using our on-demand workforce.

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ShiftMed On Demand

Leverage our W-2 healthcare workforce marketplace to expand your float pool, reduce reliance on travel nurses, and seamlessly fill shifts with local, credentialed nurses on demand.

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ShiftMed Unlimited Network

Experience unmatched shift fulfillment with the world's first digital MSP. Access over 1,000 agencies from a single interface and manage your labor expenses through a single, reconciled invoice.

Success Through Strategic Alliances

Unlock the full potential of healthcare staffing with cutting-edge technology partnerships. We elevate your experience by boosting shift fulfillment rates, streamlining workforce management, and ensuring a sustained positive impact on your staffing needs.

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ShiftMed proudly stands as an industry leader, having clinched multiple prestigious awards in recognition of our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing healthcare staffing and workforce management.

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