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Revolutionizing Nursing Jobs

ShiftMed delivers an on-demand workforce marketplace that connects over 100,000 credentialed nursing professionals looking for flexible work with healthcare providers needing additional nursing staff. 

Flexible Solution for Staffing Shortage  

Featured on the TODAY show for disrupting the healthcare industry, ShiftMedhelps alleviate the nurse staffing shortage across the country. Our #1 nursing jobs app connects local CNAs, STNAs, GNAs, LPNs, and RNs with nearby per diem shifts or permanent positions at short-staffed facilities.   


Win-Win Healthcare Partnership

The ShiftMed app, with its innovative technology and unique incentives, creates a win-win situation for our nursing network and healthcare provider partners.

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Guaranteed Shifts®

Guaranteed Shifts are non-monetary incentives equally valuable to our nurses and providers.  

Nurses seek out these shifts because they know they’ll be paid for the entire shift if the facility cancels. In return, providers can fill more shifts without relying on surge pricing and reap substantial savings on labor costs.  

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Do the work you love, when and where you want

We offer the flexibility and confidence to do the job you love, when, where, and how much you want.

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Easy to use

Access free Next Day Pay® and Guaranteed Shifts®

We surface the best Guaranteed Shifts® in your area so you can feel confident knowing that your pay is guaranteed. With access to Next Day Pay®, what else could you ask for?

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Hundreds of weekly shifts in your area

Choose what's right for you. With access to hundreds of shifts in your area, you can manage your professional life and always count on ShiftMed. Have questions or need support? A live representative is available to assist you 24/7.

What Nurses and Providers Say About ShiftMed


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ShiftMed: there when you need it

2022 Nursing Shortage: ShiftMed Survey Shows Nurses Aren’t Okay

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world got a hard look at the nursing profession. Everyone hailed nurses as heroes (which they always have been), watching them battle mental and physical exhaustion and burnout on the frontlines of care. It was apparent nurses weren't okay. Today, they still aren't okay—and our 2022 State of Nursing Survey results reflect that. But, as you'll see, there are specific incentives that would make them feel differently.