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Partners in Healthcare Staffing

Our partnerships work to boost shift fulfillment rate, streamline workforce management, and ensure a successful long-term impact on your staffing needs.

Technology Partnerships

ShiftMed partners with leaders in workforce management technology so your hospital, healthcare facility, or health system can staff smarter, not harder.


CareerStaff Unlimited

With the recent acquisition of CareerStaff Unlimited, ShiftMed enhances its ability to provide top-tier healthcare professionals through cutting-edge technology and a robust local, per diem float pool. This merger streamlines staffing processes, boosts operational efficiency, and offers greater flexibility with per diem, local, and travel contracts. With access to over 1,000 agencies, partnering facilities now benefit from a larger pool of qualified professionals, improved staffing efficiency, and continued commitment to quality care.


UKG Workforce Integration 

Our partnership with UKG, a global leader with over 80,000 customers worldwide, utilizing UKG Dimensions® (now UKG Pro Workforce Management™) offers everyone in the healthcare continuum, including Acute and Post-Acute care, the tools to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs. With our API, your organization can access our network of certified nurses. Key Advantages:

  • Decrease reliance on the travel nursing model.

  • Improve recruitment and retention.

  • Enhance labor spending control through predictive analytics.

  • Real-time HPPD and overtime insights for proactive staffing.

  • Streamline time management, payroll, PBJ reporting, prioritizing patient, and employee needs.

  • Empower employee satisfaction with mobile tools, pulse surveys, and financial wellness.


Smartlinx Integration 

Our partnership with Smartlinx helps long-term healthcare facilities with the Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace establish a sustainable workforce management strategy. Our API is all it takes for your facility to tap into our network of credentialed CNAs, LPNs, and RNs and fill shifts on demand. The integration also gives your facility the ability to:

  • Boost scheduling efficiency and PBJ reporting accuracy.

  • Take control of your labor spending via real-time staffing data.

  • Forecast your labor needs and achieve HPPD goals.


Attendance On Demand Integration

Our partnership with Attendance on Demand makes it easy for nursing homes and other long-term care facilities nationwide to access and manage a local pool of contingent healthcare professionals ready to fill shifts on demand. Other advantages include:

  • Automated time and labor tracking and scheduling streamlines operations.

  • Cost-effective solution for fluctuating patient needs and seasonal variations.

  • Consistent, uninterrupted care that yields better patient outcomes.

  • Integration with the best payroll and HCM platforms.


DropStat Partnership

Elevate your healthcare operations with our DropStat Partnership, which has achieved an impressive 85% increase in shift fill rates for our clients. DropStat's advanced technology forecasts staffing needs more than 60 days ahead, optimizing internal staffing pools and reducing outsourced labor.

  • DropStat's predictive technology ensures accurate staffing forecasts 60 days in advance.

  • ShiftMed's proprietary benefits and quality metrics retain local staff, reducing unnecessary labor costs by 50%.

  • Increased access to early shift assignments enhances engagement and connectivity, lowering burnout-related churn.

  • Real-time cost decision support tools result in a remarkable 98% success rate for cost management.

  • Retention and rewards program in partnership with Amazon.

Healthcare Professional Partnerships

ShiftMed is transforming the future of healthcare staffing through innovative partnerships that help our nurses live their best possible lives. Because when we show up for our workers, they show up for you.


Uber Health Rides

In partnership with Uber Health, ShiftMed is creating a new approach to employee benefits for more than 350K healthcare professionals. Our credentialed nurses can reserve Uber Health rides to and from their shifts in our app, while healthcare providers experience: 

  • Better Shift Fulfillment 

  • Higher Staff Retention 

  • Guaranteed Shifts® Coverage 

  • Increased Quality Care 

  • Decreased Labor Costs 


Hooray Health

By partnering with Hooray Health, we can give our nationwide network of healthcare professionals access to quality, affordable healthcare insurance—after working just one shift. These benefits are among our many perks to recruit and retain reliable healthcare professionals who show up for shifts like clockwork.



By partnering with OpusVi (Previously Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE)), our healthcare professionals receive professional development, upskilling, and career pathing opportunities to maximize their potential and advance the healthcare delivery system. The exclusively priced educational offerings include:    

  • In-demand Degree Programs 

  • Leadership Programs  

  • Upskilling Certifications  

  • Mini-MBA Certifications 


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