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Take our mobile app technology and make it your own.

ShiftMed Flex brings unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your healthcare workforce operations. It uses our award-winning mobile app technology, customized with your branding, to harness the power of your internal nursing staff before turning to expensive agency solutions.

  • Custom-branded mobile app makes it easy for internal and external float pool nurses to claim available shifts exclusively within your organization.

  • Intelligent Routing™ determines the most suitable shifts for floating staff by looking at availability, skill sets, certifications, and preferences. 

  • Cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with your existing scheduling, payroll, and HRIS platforms, requiring little, if any, IT support.

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Seamless shift coverage starts with your internal team.

ShiftMed Flex fills scheduling gaps with your internal nursing staff first and our on demand healthcare workforce second.

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Intelligent Routing

When you post open shifts in our Portal, our AI-based Intelligent Routing software looks at schedules, overtime, and premium pay, presenting these vacancies to the right nurses at the right time. In other words, it seeks out the most cost-effective qualified labor options in your float pools.

While you can unlock the full potential of your workforce with ShiftMed Flex, why stop there?

Elevate your staffing operations further by adding these customizable modules to the mix.

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Centralized Staffing

Add Shift Mode to ShiftMed Flex to supersize your internal float pool and eliminate external staffing support. Categorize shift vacancies by unit, setting, and location, allowing your internal team to claim shifts across your entire healthcare organization via a single platform.

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Faster Onboarding

Add the Credential Cloud to ShiftMed Flex for an average 40% reduction in onboarding time. Staff can easily upload their credentials to the app from anywhere. Customize credential requirements by worker type and location. Approve credentials with your team or have ShiftMed do it for you.

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Boost nurse satisfaction and engagement.

ShiftMed Flex helps keep your float pool nurses engaged and satisfied with their work by offering:

  • Flexible scheduling and a convenient shift claiming experience. 

  • Discounted Uber Health rides to and from shifts via the app. 

  • Free Instant Pay for financial flexibility and security.

  • Special pricing on training and upskilling opportunities.

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