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ShiftMed Cares

ShiftMed sets the stage for your personal and professional success. We value and respect the work you do and want you to have the means to thrive, not just survive. That’s why we’re committed to helping you be your best self every day.


The Means to Succeed

ShiftMed is committed to helping you flourish personally and professionally. We not only give you the power to choose when and where you want to work but also put your practical needs front and center. From health benefits to pay incentives, we provide the resources you need to thrive in life.


VIP Employment Status

We want what’s best for our healthcare professionals. That’s why you’re a W-2 employee when working with ShiftMed—not a 1099 independent contractor. On our nursing team, you’re free to focus your energy on what matters—doing the work you love. Being a W-2 employee is loaded with benefits, such as paying less in FICA payroll taxes, being eligible for company benefits, and so much more! Learn more about the benefits of being a W-2 employee.


Affordable Health Benefits

We partner with Hooray Health to provide healthcare professionals and their families with quality, affordable health insurance benefits. After working just one shift with ShiftMed, you can access the coverage you need and deserve. Plan offerings include medical options, dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance for you and your family. Learn more about our healthcare benefits.


Convenient Commutes

Our exclusive partnership with Uber Health centers around making your life easier. You can request rides to and from your shifts directly in our app. Never again will transportation barriers or fighting traffic prevent you from doing the work you love when and where you want. Uber Eats meal vouchers and grocery delivery service may also be available for high-performing healthcare professionals.


Guaranteed Income

With Guaranteed Shifts®, you get paid for the ENTIRE shift if the facility cancels or sends you home early—no other nursing jobs app offers that. In other words, you’ll never be left empty-handed and can confidently create your flexible work schedule. There’s no need to stack your schedule with overlapping shifts because you’re worried a facility might cancel—the only shift you need to claim is a guaranteed one. Learn more about Guaranteed Shifts.


Payday Every Day

We realize that unexpected circumstances can impact your financial situation at any time. So, we don't make you wait for Friday to get paid. Because with ShiftMed Instant Pay™, every day is payday. This free service lets you access up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings immediately after clocking out of a shift. Request the money you need in the app, and we'll deposit the funds directly into your bank account with ZERO transaction fees. If your bank doesn't support Instant Pay ACH transfers, you can still get paid before Friday using our free Next Day Pay® service and request to receive up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings deposited the next business day. 


Career Advancement

We want non-certified caregivers to pursue their passions and advance their careers. That’s why we developed a free CNA training and certification program in partnership with the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA). The program blends online coursework with hands-on experience and is accessible through the National Institute for CNA Excellence (NICE) training platform. Learn more about NICE.

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Download the ShiftMed app
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