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ShiftMed Cares™

ShiftMed values your work and strives to improve your life while claiming shifts with us—that's why we created our comprehensive ShiftMed Cares suite of perks. It’s our way of helping you flourish personally and professionally so both you and your family can thrive. 


Success Is Yours

When you work with ShiftMed, we aim to make your life better by putting your needs front and center. We give you the power to choose when, where, and how often you work while also providing the resources you need to succeed—many of which are easily accessible in our app, such as Guaranteed Shifts®, ShiftMed Instant Pay™, and Uber Health rides.  


W-2 Employment

When you work with ShiftMed, you’re a W-2 employee. It’s a worker classification with several advantages over being a 1099 independent contractor. For starters, you owe less in taxes because you don’t have to pay self-employment tax. You also spend much less time on tax paperwork, get credit for retirement benefits, and are eligible for unemployment benefits. 


Payday Every Day

Our free Instant Pay service helps you manage unexpected financial situations head-on. After clocking out of a shift, you can request up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings in the ShiftMed app. Those earnings are directly deposited into your bank account with zero bank transaction fees. 


ShiftMed Platinum Rewards

Whether picking up extra shifts or crushing it in your regular schedule, the ShiftMed Platinum Rewards loyalty program incentivizes you to show up and show out. That’s right, we reward you big time for showing up for shifts—so the higher your show rate, the better your shift-claiming experience gets.


Affordable Health Benefits

Our partnership with Hooray Health gives you and your family access to affordable healthcare coverage. After working just one shift, you can access the quality coverage you need and deserve. Plan offerings include various medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance options. 


Retirement Savings

As a dedicated healthcare professional with ShiftMed, you understand the importance of caring for others, and it's equally crucial to care for your future. By starting a 401(k) plan with Fidelity through ShiftMed, you're taking proactive steps toward building a solid financial foundation for your retirement years. Don’t wait to invest in your future. Set yourself up for long-term economic success today!


Convenient Commutes

Our exclusive partnership with Uber Health makes it easy to request rides to and from your shifts directly in the ShiftMed app. Never again will transportation barriers prevent you from doing the work you love when and where you want.


Guaranteed Income

When you claim one of our Guaranteed Shifts, you get paid for the entire shift even if the facility cancels or sends you home early. In other words, you’ll never be left empty-handed and can confidently create your flexible work schedule. Never again will you have to stack your schedule with overlapping shifts because you’re worried about a cancellation.  


Free CNA Training

If you're a non-certified caregiver, you can complete a free CNA training and certification program that we created in partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Assistants (NAHCA). Accessible through the National Institute for CNA Excellence (NICE) training platform, the program provides a purpose-driven career pathway by blending online coursework with hands-on experience. 


Learning Opportunities for Career Advancement 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential as a nurse? Our partnership with OpusVi (Previously Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE)) lets you take charge of your career growth with a wide range of professional development options, from in-demand nursing degree programs to specialized certifications to career pathing guidance—all available priced exclusively for you. 

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