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In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the crux of success for post-acute and hospital system leaders lies in ensuring high-quality care, as it directly influences patient outcomes and the reputation of their facility. Paramount to achieving this is making sound staffing decisions. The right healthcare professionals enhance patient satisfaction and safety and foster a culture of improvement. ShiftMed recognizes the power of leveraging W-2 healthcare workers to bolster care quality, and we illuminate how it can transform your facility's performance. 

The Impact of Staffing on Quality of Care 

Staffing levels and qualifications greatly influence the quality of care provided in healthcare facilities. A robust staff base, supplemented with per-diem nurses, consisting of highly skilled healthcare professionals is essential to maintain continuity of care, minimize patient waiting times, and meet healthcare needs efficiently. Unfortunately, maintaining optimal staffing levels presents a complex challenge for healthcare facilities. Workforce shortages, high turnover rates, and difficulties in recruiting qualified professionals exacerbate the issue, often compromising the quality of care. 

Addressing these staffing challenges is a critical step toward improving patient outcomes. Ensuring a stable, qualified workforce can decrease medical errors, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of care provided. Hiring per-diem W-2 healthcare workers to supplement your staffing needs can contribute significantly to overcoming these challenges, offering a solution to create a dynamic, reliable, and skilled workforce. By investing in the right staffing solutions, healthcare facilities can lay a strong foundation for high-quality care. 

Benefits of Hiring Per-Diem W-2 Healthcare Workers 

There are numerous benefits in hiring per-diem W-2 healthcare workers that will ensure that patient safety and care quality remain at the forefront, upholding the facility's reputation and trust among its patients and community at large. 

5 benefits of hiring per diem W-2 healthcare workers
  • Continuity of Care: When per-diem healthcare workers are hired as W-2 workers, they are motivated and incentivized by the benefits they receive and become return workers at healthcare facilities, engrained into the fabric of the healthcare organization. In turn, this contributes to patient continuity of care, enhancing patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes. 

  • Familiarity with Protocols: Because per-diem W-2 workers are often return-nurses, they become well-versed in your facility's unique processes and protocols, leading to improved operational efficiency. And when your full-time staff is happy because they’re not having to reteach unit protocols, both patient care and nurse retention thrives.  

  • Higher Accountability: As direct employees, W-2 workers are more accountable for their work, resulting in better quality of service. At ShiftMed, we hire healthcare professionals we trust, so we have no problem classifying them as W-2 employees and taking legal and financial responsibility for them at your location.  

  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: W-2 healthcare workers ensure compliance with labor laws and healthcare regulations, reducing legal and financial risks for your facility. Having a dedicated workforce in place also provides a clear line of accountability, allowing for a better understanding and management of compliance-related tasks. This can reduce the frequency of audits and lower the likelihood of fines or penalties associated with non-compliance.   

  • Building a Strong Healthcare Workforce: Hiring per-diem W-2 workers support the creation of a robust, reliable workforce, critical for delivering high-quality care consistently. 

Securing Quality Care With Per-Diem, W-2 Healthcare Workers 

Hiring per-diem, W-2 healthcare workers is a strategic decision that can markedly enhance the quality of care in your facility. This approach supports maintaining optimal staffing levels, fosters a culture of engagement and recognition, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. By building a strong, dedicated workforce of W-2 healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities can ensure improved patient outcomes and operational efficiency. 

Investing in the right healthcare staffing solutions is key to ensuring high-quality care and the long-term success of your organization. Learn more about how you can navigate the world of healthcare staffing models and find the one that’s right for your facility.