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Experience unmatched shift fulfillment with the world's first digital MSP.

The ShiftMed Unlimited Network is a robust, highly diverse healthcare workforce comprising over one million healthcare workers supplied by more than 1,000 top-tier staffing agencies—providing access to a vast pool of contingent labor to fill your on-demand, contract, or travel assignments.    

  • Eliminate the chaos and high costs of juggling multiple agencies.

  • Experience 100% shift fulfillment via a single digital interface.*

  • Standardized processes reduce compliance risks and ensure care quality. 

  • Intelligent Routing™ determines the most suitable shifts for floating staff by looking at availability, skill sets, certifications, and preferences. 

*Fulfillment rate in tier A markets when shifts are posted in advance with market competitive rates.

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The power of one managed service provider.

The ShiftMed Unlimited Network redefines efficiency and agility in contingent labor management, handling all your shift vacancies, confirmations, and cancellations.   

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Vendor Simplification

Streamline your vendor management and enhance operational transparency with us as your single point of contact. We handle everything to ensure your contingent workforce operates at peak performance, from administrative tasks to credential tracking to fraud control.

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Cost Savings

Drive down labor costs without compromising patient care with our advanced shift routing software that guides you toward the most cost-effective staffing options for your needs. So, say goodbye to absorbing high overtime costs and using surge pricing to fill shifts.

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Streamlined Accounting

Gain greater visibility into your labor costs and better analyze spending patterns by paying one reconciled invoice tied into your time clock system. Consolidated billing also saves you time and resources on invoice processing, approval, and payment.


Industry-leading features for you and healthcare professionals.

We fit into your healthcare organization like an internal team, with industry-leading features that keep your organization fully staffed with quality healthcare professionals incentivized to show up for shifts like clockwork.

  • Credential Cloud cuts onboarding time by 40% on average by allowing workers to upload credentials from anywhere.

  • AI dashboard recommends staffing solutions for hard-to-fill shifts.

  • Block Scheduling lets you schedule your favorite workers for up to six weeks without a service fee.

  • Uber Health integration decreases transportation barriers and increases shift fulfillment.

  • Guaranteed Shifts® feature boosts pick-up rates and reduces the need for surge pricing. 

  • Free Instant Pay keeps workers engaged by providing financial flexibility and security.


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