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The Ultimate Workforce Ecosystem.

Our innovative, technology-driven healthcare workforce solutions simplify your shift fulfillment—saving you time and money on labor. 

ShiftMed’s Strategic Partnership

From the onset of partnership, we embark on a journey of collaboration, understanding, and innovation, designed to build tailored on-demand healthcare solutions to redefine your facility’s operational success. Our unique approach encompasses: 

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At ShiftMed, we understand that each healthcare sector is distinct, and one size does not fit all. Our journey begins with a thorough and insightful evaluation of your facility's current state. We delve into the nuances of your operations, challenges, and goals to gain a holistic understanding of your unique needs. 

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Armed with a comprehensive evaluation, ShiftMed crafts strategic recommendations that align with your facility's specific objectives. We leverage our deep industry expertise, innovative strategies, and a commitment to excellence to tailor solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and improved patient outcomes


Our commitment to excellence extends to the seamless implementation of cutting-edge on-demand technologies. We integrate technology solutions that empower your workforce, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency. With ShiftMed, witness the transformation of your facility into a tech-enabled, future-ready healthcare powerhouse.

Tech-Powered Workforce Solutions 

Our cutting-edge healthcare solutions empowers you to build, maintain, and manage a dynamic, cost-effective workforce strategy, ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care. 

1099 to W-2 Transition Program

Our transition program makes moving your external labor from 1099 contractors to ShiftMed W-2 employees smooth and easy. 

  • Dedicated support and training for internal and external workers. 

  • Targeted marketing materials and communication campaigns. 

  • Co-branded landing page for streamlining the onboarding process.

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Platinum Rebate Program

Platinum Shifters are champions of our attendance policy, showing up for shifts like clockwork. We’re so confident these top-performing healthcare professionals will show up for your shifts that we’ll pay you if they don’t.*  

  • 82% of shifts worked involve returning nurses.  

  • Platinum Shifters work 80% of the shifts we fill. 

* By opting into the Platinum Rebate Program, ShiftMed will credit your facility for half (1/2) of the claimed shift at the applicable hourly rate if the Platinum Shifter fails to show up for a claimed shift. Facilities must opt into the Program to be eligible to be paid for shifts when a healthcare professional does not show up for their shift. The Program is available in select markets for select facilities. 

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