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Welcome to the ShiftMed blog where we discuss everything nursing, from professional insights to healthcare holidays to helpful hints for working with us.

What You Need to Know About Nurse Certifications and ShiftMed

ShiftMed employs a nationwide network of healthcare professionals with various nurse certifications. Through our nursing jobs app, we currently offer shifts at healthcare facilities, from skilled nursing facilities to hospitals, in 158 markets across 28 states. Every state has different requirements for practicing in the nursing profession. Not to mention, every facility has unique procedures for providing patient care. This blog post will cover the basic ShiftMed requirements and state-specific nurse credentials you must have to claim shifts in a particular state. We'll also discuss the additional credentials you might need to work at certain facilities.

Caregiver Scheduling: Ensuring Consistent Care

If your task is caregiver scheduling, you know how vital scheduling consistency can help the residents of your long-term care (LTC) facility avoid feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unhappy.  

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