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In the field of healthcare, a facility's heartbeat is its staff. Reliable staffing isn't just a logistical necessity; it's the linchpin that ensures patients receive consistent, high-quality care every single day. Any disruption in this rhythm can have cascading effects, from patient dissatisfaction to operational inefficiencies. 

ShiftMed offers dynamic, strategic, technology-driven healthcare staffing solutions. Recognizing the critical importance of staffing reliability, ShiftMed offers a suite of tools and strategies to ensure healthcare facilities are never left understaffed. With a focus on continuity of care and reliable healthcare staff, ShiftMed is revolutionizing how facilities approach and manage their staffing needs, ensuring that the heart of healthcare remains strong and steady. 

ShiftMed’s Approach to Continuity of Care 

At ShiftMed, we believe that continuity of care is the seamless provision of healthcare services over time. It's not just about having enough staff; it's about having the right staff consistently present. This ensures that patients receive a coherent and logical care sequence, fostering trust and understanding between patients and caregivers. For us, continuity of care is the foundation upon which quality healthcare is built. 


Benefits of return workers in healthcare facilities

The following are the benefits of returning workers and familiar faces: 

  • Familiarity with Facility Protocols: Workers who return to the same facility have a deep understanding of its specific protocols and workflows. This means they can hit the ground running, eliminating the need for consistent re-orientation and re-training. 

  • Strengthened Patient Relationships: Continuity is key in building trust. When patients see familiar faces, they feel more at ease and are more likely to communicate openly about their health concerns. This consistent interaction fosters a deeper understanding of patient needs and enhances the overall patient experience. 

  • Reduced Training Needs: The onboarding process for new staff can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With returning workers, facilities can cut down on these training periods, ensuring that staff can focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks. 

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: A cohesive team is essential for optimal patient care. Returning workers already understand the dynamics of the team, the strengths of their colleagues, and how to collaborate effectively. This leads to a more harmonious work environment. 

  • Consistent Quality of Care: Familiarity with patients, their histories, and specific facility protocols means returning workers can provide consistent and tailored care. This consistency ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment every time they visit. 

  • Operational Efficiency: Predictability in staffing allows for better planning and resource allocation. Knowing who will be on shift and their specific strengths can help in assigning roles and responsibilities more effectively, leading to smoother operations. 

  • Cost Savings: High staff turnover can be expensive, with costs associated with recruitment, training, and the potential for mistakes from unfamiliarity. Returning workers help reduce these costs, leading to significant financial savings and a more stable work environment. 

ShiftMed takes immense pride in its robust network of returning workers. A testament to our commitment to continuity of care, 90% of our partners benefit from returning workers. Furthermore, 82% of all shifts worked through ShiftMed involve returning nurses. The remaining 18% represents new, equally dedicated nurses joining our rapidly expanding employment pipeline, all striving to deliver unparalleled patient care.

Simplifying Daily Operations 

One of the immediate benefits healthcare facilities experience with returning professionals is the reduction in orientation needs. Familiar faces mean less time on retraining and reorienting, allowing facilities to allocate resources more efficiently. This streamlines daily operations and reduces administrative burdens, ensuring staff can focus on what truly matters: patient care. 

Moreover, the presence of returning professionals enhances the continuity of care. Consistent interactions between patients and familiar healthcare providers foster trust and understanding. This ensures that patients receive consistent, high-quality care tailored to their unique needs, further reducing potential complications and ensuring smoother patient experiences. 

Tips for Welcoming Back Familiar Faces: 

  • Recognize their contributions. Acknowledge the value returning professionals bring to the facility, celebrating their dedication and commitment. 

  • Provide feedback opportunities. Create channels for them to share their experiences and suggestions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

  • Engage in regular communication. Keep them updated on any facility changes or new protocols to ensure they remain informed. 

  • Offer advanced scheduling. Allow returning professionals to set up block schedules, ensuring their availability for extended periods. 

  • Encourage peer mentorship. Pair returning workers with newer staff to facilitate knowledge transfer and foster team cohesion. 

  • Celebrate milestones. Recognize and reward tenure and significant contributions, reinforcing the healthcare provider’s importance to the facility. 

How Our Platinum Shifters Streamline Operations 

ShiftMed’s 13,000+ Platinum Shifters are the epitome of reliability. Boasting an impressive 88% show rate, they play a pivotal role in ensuring consistent shift fulfillment. Their dedication and expertise not only enhance patient care but also streamline facility operations. By consistently showing up and delivering exceptional performance, Platinum Shifters reduce the need for last-minute adjustments, ensuring smoother, more efficient daily operations. 

Platinum Shifters & Block Scheduling 

Platinum Shifters represent the crème de la crème of our professional network. These dedicated individuals showcase exemplary performance, reliability, and adherence to our attendance policies. With an outstanding show rate and active participation in our loyalty program, Platinum Shifters are the backbone of our promise to healthcare facilities. They embody our commitment to delivering dependable, high-quality care, ensuring facilities are always optimally staffed. 

Furthermore, our Platinum Shifters bring an added layer of predictability with opportunities for facilities to extend block scheduling to these healthcare professionals. By allowing our top-tier professionals to set up block schedules free of charge, facilities can ensure their availability for extended periods, typically 4-6 weeks. This proactive approach minimizes scheduling gaps and disruptions, leading to a more stable, reliable staffing environment that ensures continuity of care and operational efficiency. 

10 Benefits of Block Scheduling

Benefits of Block Scheduling: 

  • Predictability in staffing 

  • Enhanced operational efficiency 

  • Reduced scheduling conflicts 

  • Improved staff satisfaction 

  • Consistent patient care 

  • Streamlined resource allocation 

  • Fewer last-minute adjustments 

  • Better work-life balance for staff 

  • Optimized facility performance 

  • Increased patient and staff rapport 

Platinum Rebate Program and Attendance Policies 

ShiftMed's Platinum Rebate Program is a testament to our confidence in our Platinum Shifters' reliability. By opting into this program, facilities receive a credit for half the claimed shift's hourly rate if a Platinum Shifter fails to show. This underscores our commitment to reliability. 

Furthermore, our rigorous attendance policies have driven significant improvements. In Q1 2023 alone, we achieved a 35% increase in our arrival rate and reduced callouts and cancellations by 33%. By holding professionals accountable and recognizing high performers as Platinum Shifters, we've laid a strong foundation for a loyalty program that prioritizes punctuality. 

Incentives for Reliable Healthcare Professionals 

ShiftMed takes a human-centered approach to staffing. We understand that beyond wages, healthcare professionals value a holistic work environment that recognizes and rewards their dedication and commitment. By offering a comprehensive suite of benefits, we ensure that our staff feels valued and motivated to deliver their best. 

Among the non-wage incentives we proudly offer are health care benefits and Uber Health rides. Additionally, our best-in-class loyalty program further cements our commitment to retaining top talent. Through these initiatives, we attract and retain reliable healthcare professionals, ensuring consistent, high-quality care for facilities. 

Recruiting and retaining reliable healthcare professionals offers facilities a competitive edge. Consistent staffing reduces training costs and ensures a stable work environment. Moreover, familiar faces foster trust and continuity of care, which is crucial for patient outcomes. By partnering with ShiftMed, facilities gain access to a vast network of dedicated professionals, ensuring operational efficiency, reduced turnover, and a reputation for excellence in care. 

Optimize Staff Reliability With ShiftMed 

Navigating the challenges of healthcare staffing can be difficult, but with the right strategies, facilities can achieve unparalleled reliability. By empowering healthcare professionals and leveraging innovative solutions, facilities can ensure consistent, high-quality care. ShiftMed is at the forefront of this mission, offering innovative solutions and a dedicated network of nursing professionals. Partner with ShiftMed and optimize your staffing reliability.