How to Get a Job as a Nurse 

You’ve just graduated nursing school, and now it is time to find a job. Many colleges have Nurse Career Days where you can learn about the different healthcare facilities in your area that are hiring. You could get career advice from alumni in the area. You can join nursing associations and take workshops to meet other caregivers who can share their experiences with you. 

Or you can look at online sites with job listings for nurses, such as Indeed and Simplyhired. There are also targeted job sites that have listings for nurses, such as These sites present the workforce with tailored work opportunities and a better way to find the work they need for their lifestyle. 

Many nurses and caregivers want to find a career that fits the way they want to work, such as no weekend shifts, or locations within 10 miles of their home, or higher pay. 

Choose the right lifestyle perks for you.

Each caregiver has different needs and goals. But here are a few constants with both nurses and CNAs: 

Spend time with family. Nurses with young children, elder parents, or geographically spread-out families often want to enjoy their job and spend time with their families. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make your own hours and work as little or as much as you want? 

Have a convenient, flexible schedule. Some nurses can only work sporadically or a few days per week. Others want their weekends free to spend time with family. Temporary staffing lets them schedule times and days that work for them and their families. If my daughter is in a school play or my son has soccer practice, I can take time off to be present at their activities. 

Grow professionally and gain satisfaction. Every facility has different personnel and offers unique nursing challenges. And while necessary nursing skills are always required, the experiences that nurses and CNAs earn at various facilities provide an on-site learning environment that supports their growth and confidence in their ability to handle a wide range of conditions. Some nurses learn new computer systems on the job. Others are in school and gain the flexibility they need to complete their courses without delay. 

Earn extra income. Some nurses and CNAs want temporary work for the extra income it gives their families--to ease financial stress or do more fun things. Others want to pay off debt. Or have money left over to help family and friends when they need it. When you work for a company like ShiftMed, you make up to 100% more than minimum wage. Higher pay rates and flexible schedules make me want to work as much as possible. 

Make friends. Many nurses and CNAs thrive in people environments where they can meet new friends and enjoy new friendships. Caring for so many wonderful patients at different facilities helps me gain confidence in my skills as a nurse. 

So, do you want to work when you wish for higher pay? If so, look at ShiftMed. 

Go to, click on Looking for Work, and Apply for a Job. Download the ShiftMed app to your iPhone or Android and complete the application. Once approved, you can begin working for ShiftMed at the time and place you prefer.