Next-Day Nursing Pay: No-one Else Has It

There is a staff shortage in many hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, and skilled nursing facilities. Many nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have been hesitant to work due to the pandemic. Those that are working are juggling many tasks as hospitals double down on shifts and assignments for staff. It has been reported that in ICUs, many nurses have to focus on three patients instead of the standard two.

Nurses are under much stress from the increased number of patients assigned per shift. When you have to look after more patients, you are under pressure to make quicker care decisions. You may have to work longer shifts or be constrained by time to get work done. This stress can lead to mental and physical fatigue. You need help from coworkers, but fewer and fewer are assigned to your floor because fewer caregivers show up for work.

What will help with the nurse shortage is good pay, but also paying quicker.

Good nursing pay—quickly paid--is an increasingly important incentive for temporary nurses and certified nursing assistants. Despite the extreme demand for nurses and CNAs, most nurse staffing agencies still pay their workers monthly or bi-monthly. Nurses and CNAs deserve good nursing pay, including prompt payment as an added incentive.

ShiftMed offers Next Day Pay to Staff

What if you need your money now? Your kids need new shoes; you have an unexpected medical bill; your car went on the blink. Lots of unexpected life disruptions require immediate access to your earned income. Often you can’t wait for the paycheck to come in because of these disruptions.

When you work for ShiftMed, you can opt-in for next day pay. And enjoy the added benefits of working when and where you want to work.

Research has shown that facilities with better nurse staffing get better nurse outcomes with less burnout and job dissatisfaction. And a good wage will keep workers in their current positions. Getting paid quickly can reduce stress by knowing that you will be paid the very next day for work performed.

Apply to Work for ShiftMed Today

Go to ShiftMed.Com, click on Looking for Work, and Apply for a Job. Download the ShiftMed app to your iPhone or Android and complete the application. Once approved, you can begin working for ShiftMed at the time and place you prefer – and get paid the very next day.