ShiftMed Spotlight: Kathryn R., LPN

“I wanted to become a nurse because it offered me the opportunity to do the most amount good in this life,” says Kathryn, Licensed Practical Nurse in Akron, Ohio. Like most, it took Kathryn some time to make the decision to become an LPN. “Initially, I was seeking to do what was the easiest and most fun.”

We sat down with Kathryn to learn more about what drives her, how she started with ShiftMed, and, how she deals with burn out:

What’s your favorite thing about working in healthcare? My favorite thing about working in healthcare is being an advocate for patients. I love listening and making sure they have a choice in what happens to them. 

When did you start working for ShiftMed? I started working for ShiftMed in the beginning of March 2021. 

What do you enjoy most about working with ShiftMed? My favorite thing about working for ShiftMed is the freedom and autonomy it offers me. I can use the ShiftMed app to select my shifts and clock in and out on my phone. I can work as much or as little as I want. If I worked for a facility, I would be required to work weekends and holidays. With ShiftMed, I get to choose. Having the freedom to decide when, where, how often, and what wage I want to work for is a priceless gift. It is incredibly empowering. I truly believe the future of nursing is with agencies like ShiftMed. 

What advice would you give to others just starting out with ShiftMed? The best advice I can give to those starting out at ShiftMed is to remember that working for an agency does not mean you have to go to a different facility every day. You can choose to work at just one or two of your favorite places. I’ll also share, that it’s just a stigma that agency nurses don’t get to build bonds or relationships with patients or co-workers. This is absolutely untrue! You will find that you are often just a valued as anyone else.

What tips/tricks do you follow to help cope with burnout? Working in long-term care changes you as a person. It is up to you whether you want it to change you for the better or the worse. Burnout is unavoidable. It comes when you love and care for many other people but forget to love and care for yourself. It helps to find a support system of coworkers or friends in similar fields that you can talk and connect with. Try to remember that you are never alone, even if it feels like it sometimes. 

If you could talk to your past self just as you started in nursing, what would you tell yourself? I’d tell myself that life is so very short and time is precious. It’s okay to walk away from a work situation that doesn’t feel good or serve your needs anymore. You do not have to stay in a miserable work situation for years and years believing you don’t deserve or aren’t capable enough to do better. We are in the midst of a transformation in the way people view “work.” Young people are feeling more disillusioned than ever about working a 9-5.  It’s not because they’re lazy or don’t want to work. They are realizing they want more choice, freedom, flexibility, and autonomy in their lives. ShiftMed really fills that niche nicely.

Lastly, Kathryn shares, “If you’re on the fence about making a change in your life, I would say to just do it. Don’t be afraid! You can define success and happiness however you want. What you do matters and will have an effect on others in ways you may never be conscious of.”

ShiftMed allows you to do the work you love, when and where you want. Apply today!