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Streamlined Staffing for Ultimate Savings

ShiftMed is an on-demand workforce marketplace that delivers scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable healthcare labor. We provide partnering facilities with a predictable stream of local credentialed CNAs, LPNs, and RNs when you need them—all while reducing your labor costs.

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ShiftMed has saved partner facilities over $45MM to date by reducing overtime, decreasing turnover, and avoiding surge pricing charged by many agencies. You have the power to revolutionize your staffing process. Input your organization’s details below and find out how much you can save with ShiftMed.

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Your Source for Saving on Healthcare Labor

Being the top ranked nursing jobs app on the market, we have the largest, most diverse community of credentialed healthcare professionals with over 350K workers in our network, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and geriatric nursing assistants. 

Our nurses are ready to claim shifts on a per diem, short-term, long-term, or permanent basis. We offer block scheduling without contractual minimums if you need ongoing staffing support but not permanent hires. If you decide to hire a CNA, you can do so without paying a buyout fee.  

A True Labor Partner

As the top nursing jobs app, ShiftMed dramatically streamlines the delivery of care services and enables healthcare providers to access credentialed, W-2 workers to fulfill their staffing needs faster than any other solution. When it comes to healthcare labor, ShiftMed can often replace four to five staffing agencies by offering:

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Guaranteed Shifts®

A Guaranteed Shift is a non-monetary incentive that supports our flat-rate pricing model. These shifts incentivize nurses thereby boosting fulfillment and show rates.

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No CNA Buyout Fees

If you want to hire a CNA, you can add them to your full-time staff without paying a buyout fee, allowing your facility to save on recruiting costs and time on credentialing. 

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W-2 Workforce

Our healthcare professionals are W-2employees, so we're legally and financially responsible for them while they're at your facility. 

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Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics gets you to your HPPD budget by boosting fulfillment rates, minimizing overtime costs, and eliminating cancellation fees.