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White Paper: Learn How to Revolutionize Nurse Staffing

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In a time of historic labor shortages, major innovations in nurse staffing can meet the demands of the future. A nurse staffing platform may be just what your team needs to reduce costs and drive better patient outcomes for patients.

See how nursing job marketplaces can help support your needs in ShiftMed’s latest white paper.

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As the #1 nursing jobs app on the App Store, ShiftMed’s on-demand platform dramatically streamlines the delivery of care services and enables healthcare providers to access credentialed, W-2 workers to fulfill their staffing needs faster than any other solution by offering: 

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Competitive wages and on-time payment

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Guaranteed payments through Guaranteed Shifts®

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Flexibility for nurses to customize their own schedules

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Access to 350K+ credentialed W-2 nurses

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