Two friends hugging and the ShiftMed app

RNs Get $250, Give $250

$250 sound good? Your friend thinks you’ll make a great ShiftMed nurse—and so do we. Completing the referral process will get you $250 and your friend $250 after you work your first shift with ShiftMed. And it’s a good thing we’re actively partnering with new facilities and hiring RNs across the country!

Enter Yours and Your Friend’s Information and Start Earning

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ShiftMed—Where Shifts Happen. Your Way.

Mandatory weekends? Pay every other week? Um, no. You deserve better. ShiftMed gives you the power to choose when, where, and how often you work. Want to work a full-time or part-time schedule? No problem, you’re in control. And we make it easy. Our quick, intuitive app lets you easily do what you need to do and helps prepare you for day one at any facility.

At ShiftMed, we aim to make your life better by putting your needs front and center. That’s why we built a fully-loaded app and suite of benefits centered around you. Every ShiftMed nurse gets:

  • Total Job Flexibility | Work anywhere. Anytime. Simply snag the shifts you want in the app and they’re yours.

  • W-2 Employee Status | You’ll get HALF your payroll taxes covered by ShiftMed. Because no one deserves a surprise tax bill from 1099 work.

  • Affordable Healthcare | Ensuring you and your family get the coverage you deserve.

  • Uber Health Rides | See ya car troubles! Access discounted rides to and from your shift.

  • Guaranteed Income | Select shifts get you guaranteed payment, even if the facility cancels.

  • Pay Day Every Day | Get paid instantly after your shift with up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings.

ShiftMed nurse Hattie Wright
I've worked with ShiftMed for over a year. The ease and flexibility ShiftMed offers attracted me to the role. I have had a phenomenal experience and the customer service team has supported me so much throughout my time here and I am thankful.
Hattie W.
ShiftMed Nurse