ShiftMed Expands Benefit Program for Healthcare Professionals Nationwide

ShiftMed Cares™ is an innovative suite of benefits and incentives designed to enhance the employee experience for ShiftMed's network of over 100,000 healthcare professionals 

MCLEAN, Va., Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ShiftMed, the first on-demand workforce platform that delivers scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable labor to acute, post-acute, in-home providers and enterprise health systems, announced the rollout of an expanded benefits package for healthcare professionals. These best-in-class benefits drive meaningful cost savings and convenience for team members and their families.   

"In our conversations with nurses, aides, and caregivers we uncovered needs that went beyond shift scheduling. Healthcare professionals need access to part-time benefits, day care, transportation, payment services, and career advancement through educational support." said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. ShiftMed Cares™ provides access to these features directly in our mobile app. Our goal is to help our healthcare professionals make their lives easier, spend more time with their families and achieve their personal goals."

Highlights of the new benefits package include:

Free Annual Tax Filings

When a healthcare professional joins the ShiftMed community, they're doing so as a W-2 employee. This means their taxes are paid, they are getting credit for retirement benefits and they are eligible for unemployment benefits.  As W-2 employees, ShiftMed healthcare professionals can focus on doing the work they love without having to worry about missing deadlines for taxes.

Affordable Health Benefits 

ShiftMed partnered with Hooray Health to provide its network of over 100,000 healthcare professionals and their families with quality, affordable health insurance benefits. Eligibility begins after working just one shift with ShiftMed. Plan offerings include medical options, dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance for both the healthcare professional and their families.

Convenient Commute

ShiftMed's exclusive partnership with Uber Health centers around making the lives of its healthcare professionals easier. Now, directly within the ShiftMed app, users can seamlessly access on-demand rides to and from shifts.  Fares for rides will be deducted from the earnings associated with shift they are heading to work, so that no money needs to be put down. Never again will transportation barriers prevent ShiftMed's nurses and aides from doing the work they love when and where they want. In addition, UberEATS meal vouchers and grocery delivery services will also be made available to ShiftMed's stand-out healthcare professionals.

Guaranteed Income

To help mitigate the impact that cancelled or shortened shifts have on its healthcare professionals, ShiftMed is proud to offer Guaranteed Shifts®. Exclusive to ShiftMed, when a healthcare professional selects a shift in the app that's guaranteed, they are afforded the peace of mind that they'll be paid for the entire shift, even if the facility chooses to cancel or send them home early. This gives ShiftMed's nursing team unmatched confidence as they leverage the platform to create flexible schedules that meet their individual needs.

Every day is Payday

With its newly added ShiftMed Instant Pay™ feature, ShiftMed's 100,000 plus healthcare professionals can get paid immediately after their shift. A completely free service, ShiftMed Instant Pay™ provides nursing professionals immediate access of up to 75% of their pre-tax earnings. After clocking out of a shift, funds will be directly deposited into the user's bank account with zero transaction fees. Streamlining access to earnings is a perk which ShiftMed healthcare professionals can rely on to help manage unexpected financial situations head on.

Career Advancement

Dedicated to helping its caregivers flourish personally and professionally, ShiftMed is now offering a free CNA training and certification program in partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Assistants (NAHCA). Providing a purpose-driven career pathway for personal care aides, the program blends online coursework with hands-on experience and is accessible through the National Institute for CNA Excellence (NICE) training platform.

For additional information regarding these offerings and the full range of benefits accessible to all ShiftMed healthcare professionals, please visit

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