ShiftMed Collaborates with Huron to Enhance Health Systems’ On-Demand Staffing Capabilities

ShiftMed and Huron collaborate to strengthen clients’ on-demand readiness; providing strategic insight into how best to adopt workforce marketplace solutions 

McLean, Va. – August 1, 2023- ShiftMed, an on-demand W-2 marketplace for healthcare professionals (HCPs), today announced it will collaborate with Huron, a global professional services firm, to support health systems in implementing its on-demand, marketplace staffing solutions. The collaboration between Huron and ShiftMed will help healthcare organizations manage the challenges they face in acquiring and managing skilled HCPs. 

ShiftMed is helping hospital systems save money three ways: 

  • Reducing travel nurse expenditures by 50% in the first (12) months with its local nurse marketplace pool with more than 350,000 healthcare professionals. 

  • Reducing onboarding time for hospital employees by 25% with My Credential App 

  • Allowing in-house team members to pick up shifts decreasing agency usage by 15% with the My ShiftMed App  

This collaboration will create opportunities for healthcare organizations to optimize staffing, create sustainable workforce models, and achieve operational excellence. 

“We share a vision to disrupt the way healthcare systems engage with nurses and to reduce the healthcare industry’s dependence on staffing agencies. ShiftMed’s collaboration with Huron serves as a catalyst to our goal of scaling our innovative workforce platform with leading healthcare systems across the country,” said Maulik Shah, Executive Vice President of Workforce Innovation at ShiftMed. “We provide the tools and approaches to health systems that are looking for effective recruitment, deployment, and engagement. By helping these health systems develop their own local, on-demand workforce marketplace infrastructure, millions can be saved through rapid agency reduction.”  

Huron brings extensive expertise in healthcare strategy, operations, financial consulting, and managed services, including a focus on workforce management. Its team play a vital role in preparing health systems in advance of ShiftMed's deployment, aiding policy changes and operational activation during deployment, and assisting with greater product adoption and utilization support. Coupled with ShiftMed’s solutions, these services ensure maximum impact and sustainable cost management within the health system’s workforce strategy. 

"Collaborating with ShiftMed will further enable us to help our healthcare clients streamline the deployment of new workforce technology solutions to deliver exceptional care to patients in a cost-effective manner,” said Buffy Kelly, a Managing Director at Huron, where she guides healthcare organizations through workforce management, process, and patient flow redesign and supply chain management initiatives.   

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Healthcare facilities are addressing staffing needs and reducing overall expenditures with ShiftMed, which combines innovative workforce technology with the largest W-2 workforce marketplace. ShiftMed connects over 2,000 healthcare systems to 350,000 credentialed nursing providers and gives facilities the ability to manage an entire workforce ecosystem more efficiently in one platform. For more information, visit  

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