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ShiftMed Announces Next Day Pay™

March 29, 2021

ShiftMed Employees Can Access Pay the Day After Work

McLean, VA—March 29, 2021 — ShiftMed, LLC, an industry leader in on-demand health care staffing platforms, announces ShiftMed Next Day Pay™. Nurses and CNAs can download the ShiftMed mobile application for iPhone or Android to find shifts on their schedule. Complete the onboarding, work your first shift, and then you are eligible for Next Day Pay.

“Healthcare workers juggle financial needs. ShiftMed’s Next Day Pay gives them no-fee access to their earnings,” said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. “Rent, food, healthcare, commutes, and unanticipated expenses, like from COVID-19, require families to find flexible ways to meet expenses, sometimes earlier than on the paycheck schedule. Next Day Pay gives our staff flexibility at no cost to them.”

“What I love most about Next Day Pay is access to money when I need it,” said Ayomiposi Ajakaiye, RN, ShiftMed Philadelphia.

Highlights for ShiftMed employees:

  • After you work a shift, you can transfer up to 50% of earned pay (gross pay) the very next business day.

  • The money goes straight into your account.

  • You get the rest of your pay via direct deposit on payday.

  • There is no charge and no hidden fees.

  • This is another example of innovation benefitting ShiftMed staff at no cost to them.

Check-In and Check-Out of Work Via the Mobile App

ShiftMed employees must check-in and out of work via the mobile application, which records their work location and time. The app uses GPS to verify work location and hours.

ShiftMed Looks After Employees with Free Early Payment

Most employers cannot do next day pay. Many require several applications to get your money. Worse, those extra payment applications have fees of up to $3 or more. ShiftMed does not charge a fee for this, so employees are happier with a free, early payment.

“What I love most about Next Day Pay is it allowed me to pay my bills,” said Shonta Jefferson, LPN, ShiftMed Chicago.

About ShiftMed

ShiftMed customers are more than 300 enterprise health care partners across the country. ShiftMed streamlines the delivery of care services by offering software tools and access to labor for shift scheduling. The ShiftMed on-demand platform allows health care providers to get compliant, credentialed workers to meet their unpredictable needs. For more information, visit