ShiftMed and Smartlinx Partner, Helping Healthcare Facilities Fill Open Shifts More Efficiently

Open nursing shifts from healthcare facilities using Smartlinx can now be posted directly to the ShiftMed workforce marketplace, streamlining the scheduling and administrative process

McLean, Va. – April 20, 2023 -ShiftMed, the leader in on-demand workforce technology, announced today a partnership with Smartlinx, a cloud-based workforce management platform for post-acute, senior care, and other healthcare facilities. With this integration, healthcare facilities utilizing the Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace, a platform that connects staffing platforms with a healthcare organization's existing Smartlinx workforce management platform, are now able to easily post and fill shifts using ShifitMed staff within the Staffing Marketplace.

This enables scheduling facilities to fill shifts faster, include all direct care hours from a single source, and eliminate the manual tracking of ShiftMed healthcare professionals for labor management and invoice reconciliation. The integration will also provide a seamless process between healthcare professionals accepting a shift and their onboarding, which will prevent discrepancies in employee information.

“This integration will give our healthcare professionals access to open shifts from all of Smartlinx’s clients and increase the flexible options available to them,” said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. “It will now be easier than ever before for healthcare facilities to fill labor gaps and manage employee information in one integrated system.”

Facilities using Smartlinx will now have access to ShiftMed’s pool of over 350,000 credentialed nurses. Using the ShiftMed app, nurses and healthcare providers are able to pick up open shifts at local hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, providing them with the flexibility to work where and when they want.

“We’re excited to partner with ShiftMed to provide our clients with access to their network of qualified healthcare providers,” said Marina Aslanyan, CEO of Smartlinx. “Our Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace gives our clients a solution to address staffing shortages, on-demand. Our marketplace is open, and allows for partners, like ShiftMed, to strengthen its value in ensuring better patient outcomes and efficiencies in managing workforce in one, integrated, easy-to-use platform."

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About ShiftMed ShiftMed is a next-generation workforce management platform that connects hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to the highest quantity and quality of allied healthcare professionals (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, and Community Health Workers). As the #1 nursing jobs mobile app on the App Store, ShiftMed serves more than 1,500 enterprise healthcare partners in 110 markets across the country by offering software tools and direct access to labor for shift scheduling. As featured on the TODAY show, ShiftMed's on-demand platform dramatically streamlines the delivery of care services and supplies healthcare providers with compliant, credentialed workers to fulfill their staffing needs faster than any other solution. For more information, visit

About Smartlinx

Smartlinx’s unified workforce management platform is ushering in 21st-century technology to the healthcare industry and their employees. Smartlinx is designed to empower facility owners and caregivers, to meet today’s standard of work. From scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll, to compliance, human resources, and business insights, Smartlinx provides the tools needed to plan and adapt to evolving workforce needs. For more information, please visit

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