ShiftMed Adds Healthcare Innovation Leader, Mike Biselli, as EVP Partnerships. The Company Expands Support for Large Health Systems with its Leading On-Demand Workforce Solutions

Biselli joins team dedicated to empowering health systems to embrace an on-demand workforce model that meets the needs of both providers and hospital leadership

MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ShiftMed, the first on-demand workforce marketplace that delivers scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable labor to health systems, post-acute, and in-home healthcare facilities, announces today the addition of Mike Biselli, as the Executive Vice President of Partnerships, to its growing team. Biselli will aid in developing strategic partnerships with health systems offering acute and post-acute care as well as industry partners to support its success.

Biselli joins ShiftMed with over two decades of experience in the healthcare innovation space. Prior to joining ShiftMed, he served as the Senior Vice President and Evangelist for Olive, where he connected innovative companies with strategic healthcare executives for the benefit of our nation's patients. Through countless conversations with industry leaders while at Olive and on his nationally-ranked healthcare and innovation podcast, Passionate Pioneers, Biselli repeatedly heard that workforce challenges are some of the biggest issues plaguing the healthcare industry. While the future is promising for nascent and emerging technologies, Biselli is shifting focus to more immediate ways technology can alleviate healthcare's most dire issues.

"The healthcare industry cannot keep up with the staffing shortages that it is experiencing. Traditional staffing solutions, like travel nurses and forced overtime, are no longer a viable option. Health system leaders are searching for a new way to meet the demands of their workforce that can still be seamlessly implemented by approaching the workforce challenge holistically," said Biselli. "New and emerging technologies hold exciting potential for healthcare, but the fire burning in the industry right now that needs to be addressed is the workforce and staffing crisis."

ShiftMed helps hospital systems strike a balance of full-time and flexible labor to create a sustainable, engaging, and cost-effective workforce model. The company's unique approach to on-demand workforce focuses on recruiting, retaining, reducing costs, and rebalancing how a system's workforce is deployed. ShiftMed is the only solution to skip the 1099 independent contractor model that creates risk for healthcare facilities by hiring all providers as W-2 employees. With adoption across acute and post-acute sectors as a true workforce partner, ShiftMed also helps organizations build an internal staffing agency capability without an agency through a white-labeled health system "powered by ShiftMed" partnership. The model balances flexible employees and local float pools for quick, easy shift fulfillment — customized to each system to maintain optimum staffing levels.

"ShiftMed's workforce approach has proven invaluable in a variety of care settings. With a deep understanding of tackling challenges in healthcare with technology, Mike is essential to the quick and efficient adoption for our health system partners that are looking for the right solution to solve their workforce staffing challenges " said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed.

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