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Partners in Workforce Independence and Stability

Leverage innovative technology and the largest W-2 workforce marketplace to reduce reliance on agencies and stabilize your workforce.  

Frictionless Workforce Solutions

ShiftMed empowers healthcare systems and hospitals to simultaneously manage their internal labor pools and tap into a W-2 external float pool of over 350,000 credentialed nurses – leading to less reliance on agencies, lower labor costs, and increased retention rates. Custom-branded for your organization, Powered by ShiftMed encompasses internal resource management, workforce automation, cost management, and external resource management to help you:

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Recruit from within. Fill shifts fast with a holistic view of your own full-time and float workforce first. Tap into our 350K W-2 nurse marketplace to fill gaps along the way, and if there’s a good fit hire them with no fees.

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Wages alone aren’t enough to retain employees. Enhance the employee experience by seamlessly engaging and communicating with internal staff about open shifts and creative benefits that incentivize the workforce. 

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Make shift fulfillment effective and efficient by using AI-powered resources to easily identify the biggest staffing needs and rebalance your FTEs and labor pools, using the most cost-effective resources first. 

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Create a sustainable workforce model. Innovative tools help you reduce overall expenses while continuing to engage, support, and attract your workforce.

Workforce Stability & Independence Start Here

Solve your health system's staffing challenges for good. Leverage Powered by ShiftMed to build an internal staffing agency capability, without an agency, that leads with your brand. This W-2 on-demand marketplace partnership enables you to flex your own employees first, while balancing local, external float pools for quick, cost-efficient shift fulfillment. 

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Workforce Automation

Meet the future of workforce management. Supercharge your staffing data with Powered by ShiftMed’s predictive analytics and business intelligence to effectively and efficiently manage your resources.

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Support for Your Continuous Success

Our dedicated account managers and 24/7 support center are here to personalize a plan of action for your healthcare staffing needs.  

Using our business intelligence software and analytics, your account manager tracks local market-based pay rates and helps you target and optimize your fill rates on a building-by-building basis.  

We also make it easy to stay ahead of the staffing curve by delivering data and insights that compare your return, cancel, and pay rates with comps in your area. 

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