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Your Holistic Workforce Partner

ShiftMed delivers an on-demand healthcare workforce marketplace that provides scalable, cost-efficient local labor to healthcare providers nationwide. As a true workforce partner, we can help you reduce costs by leveraging our allied health workers to establish a balanced and flexible workforce.

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With over 350K W-2 healthcare professionals in our network, you can quickly fill shifts and save on recruitment.  

Because your brand matters, we “white label” to recruit and retain employees. 

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Wages alone aren’t enough to retain employees.  

We empower nurses and allied health workers through creative incentives, such as transportation and education. 

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Our innovative technology takes the guesswork out of staffing, filling your shifts faster and easier than ever.  

We rebalance your FTE and outside labor portfolio across all inpatient and outpatient areas. 

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We understand what healthcare leaders face and can help them achieve a sustainable staffing solution. 

We deploy tools to help you reduce your overall expenses and still engage and attract your workforce.  

A New Health System Workforce Partner 

Your health system (powered by ShiftMed) comprises credentialed healthcare professionals ready to work on a per diem, short-term, long-term, or permanent basis—whatever you need to maintain optimum staffing levels.

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We’re constantly recruiting and onboarding local W-2 healthcare professionals (not 1099 independent contractors), so you don’t have to supplement your labor with outside staff who may not meet your standards. Overall, our goal is to help turn on-demand workers into full-time employees.  

- White-labeled Branding 

- Active Professional Licensure 

- I-9 Employment Authorization 

- Clinical Knowledge and Safety Assessment  

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Making the Healthcare Workforce Connection 

Our healthcare workforce, Portal, and dedicated support staff have boosted fulfillment rates and reduced labor costs for thousands of care facilities. Now it's your turn. 

ShiftMed App 

We have over 350K healthcare professionals using the ShiftMed app to claim shifts in various clinical settings. These credentialed professionals are ready to work on a per diem, short-term, long-term, or permanent basis. 


You can connect directly with our healthcare professionals 24/7 through our easy-to-use Portal. As soon as you post an open shift in the Portal, it instantly goes live in the ShiftMed app for a qualified allied health worker to claim.  


Support for Your Continuous Success

Our dedicated account managers and 24/7 support center are here to personalize a plan of action for your healthcare staffing needs.  

Using our business intelligence software and analytics, your account manager tracks local market-based pay rates and helps you target and optimize your fill rates on a building-by-building basis.  

We also make it easy to stay ahead of the staffing curve by delivering data and insights that compare your return, cancel, and pay rates with comps in your area. 

Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped our partners save on labor, solve staffing challenges, and simplify the staffing process.

$1.2MM saved in five weeks.
Bedrock Care Group
Bedrock changed their labor spending and started posting recurring Guaranteed Shifts®. As a result, they stopped relying on surge pricing and ended up saving $1.2 million in five weeks.
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80% fill rate for CNA shifts.
Grace Point Place
Grace Point Place needed additional CNA staff to support a growing resident census. We enabled the facility to request pre-vetted CNAs on demand and hire any they liked for free.
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91% show rate.
St. John Neumann Center
When this skilled nursing facility didn’t have enough staff to cover weekend shifts, they turned to us for reliable CNA coverage and achieved 91% fulfillment and show rates.
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Green Meadows Case Study image - nurse walking with a patient
Green Meadows
We gave Green Meadows the means to fill last-minute shift call outs, resulting in their ability to maintain optimum staffing levels, prevent staff burnout, and save on overtime costs.
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Garden Spring Case Study image - male nurse
Garden Spring
Facing unpredictable admission surges, Garden Spring needed a flexible healthcare staffing solution. By choosing us, the facility could maintain optimal staffing levels and save on hiring costs.
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Little Village Case Study image - female nurse smiling
Little Village
When COVID-19 hit, Little Village had difficulty managing last-minute schedule changes and maintaining staff levels. We made it easy for them to fill shifts and automate their staffing efforts.
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