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We're proud to present our first Nurse's Choice Awards, giving you the opportunity to recognize the best healthcare facilities in your community.

Nurse's Choice Awards 2022

Your Voice Matters

Now's your chance to show your favorite healthcare facilities some love. From now until May 23, you can cast your vote for the facility with the best perks, the most welcoming facility, and the best facility overall! We'll announce the winners on June 6.

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Best Perks

This healthcare facility has the best perks, from great coffee to fantastic parking - really any incentive that gets you excited to claim a shift here.

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Most Welcoming

This healthcare facility is ready for your arrival, happily answers questions, and showers you with appreciation. They do all they can to make you feel at home.

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Best Overall

This healthcare facility has it all, from friendly employees to excellent staffing ratios to a great cafeteria. You do a happy dance when you get to work here.

ShiftMed Facility Awards

Along with the Nurse's Choice Awards, we'll present awards to facilities in the following categories.

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Lowest Cancellation Rates

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Most Guaranteed Shifts®

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Most Popular

Provider Service Nursing

Why Vote?

We’re committed to providing our healthcare professionals with great work experiences —and we need your help to make it happen! By voting, you’re helping others know the best places to claim shifts in your community — and encouraging other facilities to up their game. You’re also giving us insight into the types of facilities you’d like us to partner with.

We’ll announce the Nurse’s Choice Awards winners in June.

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