A career in nursing includes many benefits. Nursing offers challenging, exciting, and varied work that allows you to make a daily difference in people's lives. You'll have many options to practice your craft and grow professionally. Nurses deal with many aspects of patient care and can enjoy a variety in their routine.  

There are many types of nursing careers you can pursue:  

  • Travel nurses

     can relocate to cities with the highest need or work abroad. 

  • Flight nurses

     offer pre-hospital, emergency, and critical care. 

  • Research nurses

     work with medical and scientific researchers globally.  

  • Emergency room nurses

     work in fast-paced environments, treating those needing immediate attention due to accidents or other high-risk situations. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 there was a shortage of about 800,000 nurses. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers and other medical facilities are always looking for nurses. Some places of employment offer thousands of dollars of sign on bonuses, along with other benefits for the most experienced nurses.  

There are many benefits to a nursing career, including: 

  • Flexibility in the job – work full time or part time or as a temporary hire 

  • Work in a variety of locations, from hospitals to doctors’ offices to nursing homes  

  • Choose from many nursing specialties 

  • Your career can go in many directions 

How a nursing career helps you thrive 

Nursing career opportunities will continue to expand in the coming years. Population growth, increased longevity, and healthcare services requirements mean greater demand for advanced practice nurses in preventative and primary care. Also, isolated and understaffed U.S. regions will increasingly need nurses.  

Nursing provides economic stability and job security, making it highly attractive to nursing graduates. If you're considering nursing as a full-time or part-time career, know that the field can also be highly satisfying. With grit, commitment, and innate aptitude, a nursing career also lets you: 

Gain new knowledge and confidence in learned strengths. Communication, the ability to explain things clearly in both technical and non-technical ways, and other person-to-person skills will ensure you grow in nursing competence. You'll learn something new daily from your colleagues and patients. You'll also be able to challenge yourself by keeping current on medical trends and training. 

Maintain flexibility. Traveling nurses can work in multiple locations, make good pay, and work when they choose. With the nation's current nursing shortage, you won't have to look far to get a great job. 

Make a difference and gain satisfaction. The work and determination you put into your nursing career are equal to the reward you'll receive from it. You'll help patients and families during times of both moderate and extreme need. You'll hone skills like listening, thinking, organizing, and leading--all needed to be a high-level, high-functioning nurse who not only makes a decent living but feels good about their career.  

COVID-19 put a focus on the shortage of nurses as many caregivers feared going to work and catching the virus. Plus, with so many people getting ill, the nurses that did work were quite challenged. As our population grows older and more and more people need medical care, the world's demand for quality nursing care will put a premium on nursing careers.  

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