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Next-Day Nursing Pay: No-one Else Has It

Next-Day Nursing Pay: No-one Else Has It

There is a staff shortage in many hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, and skilled nursing facilities. Many nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have been hesitant to work due to the pandemic. Those that are working are juggling many tasks as hospitals double down on shifts and assignments for staff. It has been reported that in ICUs, many nurses have to focus on three patients instead of the standard two.

How to Get a Job as a Nurse 

How to Get a Job as a Nurse 

You’ve just graduated nursing school, and now it is time to find a job. Many colleges have Nurse Career Days where you can learn about the different healthcare facilities in your area that are hiring. You could get career advice from alumni in the area. You can join nursing associations and take workshops to meet other caregivers who can share their experiences with you. 

Nurse Staffing in the Era of COVID-19

Nurse scheduling and nurse staffing are complex jobs. And they are becoming increasingly overwhelming for staffing companies and managers, directors, and schedulers at critical care facilities and long-term care facilities.  

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