African American female nurse smiles while selecting shifts in the ShiftMed app.

The working environment for nurses continues to strain nurse mental health and their ability to provide the best possible patient care. In fact, ShiftMed’s 2022 State of Nursing Survey of 500 U.S. nurses revealed that 40% of nurses believe the nurse shortage has negatively impacted their mental health and 49% cited concern over patients receiving adequate care as a result.  

With burnout symptoms at an all-time high for nurses, it’s time the healthcare industry take action and support healthcare workers before more nurses leave the profession.  

At ShiftMed, we know what it’s like to be a nurse. We know what it’s like to care deeply for your patients, but also feel the conflicted need to care for yourself. That’s why we created ShiftMed Cares™, a comprehensive suite of benefits that helps nurses working with ShiftMed take back their lives and love every minute of it. 

ShiftMed’s Solution to Nurse Burnout 

Nurse burnout is a solvable problem and one ShiftMed takes seriously. When nurses work with ShiftMed, they find a supportive community that prioritizes their personal success and work-life balance through the following core perks and benefits: 

Nurses with W-2 Employment Status  

We are all about giving nurses the upper hand and better working conditions. Working with ShiftMed means you’re a W-2 employee with all the perks and protections that come with it. From ShiftMed paying half your income taxes and streamlining your tax season to providing health benefits and protections like workers’ compensation, unemployment, and overtime protection, ShiftMed has your back. 

Healthcare Coverage for Nurses 

ShiftMed prioritizes your family’s health and happiness—that's why we partnered with Hooray Health to ensure you can access the quality health coverage you need. Plan offerings include several medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance options! 

Uber Health Rides  

Commuting to work every day can be a slog, but with ShiftMed’s exclusive partnership with Uber Health, nurses can access discounted rides to and from their shifts directly in the app. Say goodbye to car troubles and being late for your shift!  

Guaranteed Income Even After Shift Cancellation  

With ShiftMed’s Guaranteed Shifts®, nurses can claim certain shifts that will guarantee payment for the entire shift even if the facility cancels or sends you home early. You’ll never be left in a lurch after a shift cancellation with Guaranteed Shifts.  

Get Paid Instantly 

Our free ShiftMed Instant Pay ™ service allows nurses to get paid instantly after clocking out of a shift and request up to 75% of their pre-tax earnings in the ShiftMed app. And if your bank doesn't support Instant Pay ACH transfers, Next Day Pay® is another free in-app feature that lets nurses access up to 75% of their pre-tax earnings the very next business day—with zero transaction fees.   

Career Advancement Opportunities 

In partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Assistants (NAHCA), ShiftMed developed a free CNA training and certification program. Accessible through the National Institute for CNA Excellence (NICE) training platform, the program pushes nurses toward a purpose-driven career pathway.   

At ShiftMed, nurses get to call the shots on their lives and feel supported every step of the way. Download the ShiftMed app today and grab your work-life balance by the app.