Nurse Certifications and Skilled Nursing Caregivers in Pennsylvania

By ShiftMed Team//Nursing Profession
Nurse Certifications and Skilled Nursing Caregivers in Pennsylvania

Certifications are a vital part of ensuring schedulers have the credentialled nursing staff and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) they need. Nursing certification is different for each state, and ShiftMed requires nurses and CNAs to upload specific documentation via the ShiftMed app.  

State of Pennsylvania 

CNAs, LPNs, and RNs interested in working through ShiftMed in the State of Pennsylvania must have a professional license or certification through the state. They must also upload identification (passport, driver’s license or photo ID AND Social Security card to complete I9 verification). Other required documentation includes a 1-step PPD, 2-step PPD or TB blood test (completed within the last year) or chest x-ray (completed within the last five years); physical results (completed within the last year); and an I-9.  

Please Note: All applicants holding LPN/RN licenses must also upload CPR certification and a resume.  

More on CNAs and credentialing 

Typical CNA duties include a mix of turning or repositioning patients, gathering and stocking supplies, monitoring and recording vital signs, responding to patient calls or alarms, bathing and toileting patients, documenting all patient information, feeding patients, measuring and recording patient food and liquid intake, and personal patient hygiene. Also, a CNA may clean rooms and bed linens, prepare rooms for admissions, help with medical procedures, dress wounds as needed, and assist patients with toileting. 

  • CNA certification programs differ in format and occur in hospitals, community colleges, vocational or training schools, high schools, or online. 

  • Program prerequisites include orientation, reading and math assessment or verification of high school diploma or GED, Red Cross criminal background check before registration, completion of a Red Cross physical form, and a TB test. Most programs require certification in both CPR and first aid. And while all classes require a mix of classroom and clinical hours, the number of clinical hours varies by state.  

  • After completing classes and passing a final exam, students are added to the national CNA registry and can start applying for jobs immediately. 

ShiftMed is looking for certified nursing professionals across the country. Apply today.