ShiftMed continuously innovates to boost the healthcare staffing success of its facility partners.

In the world of app-based healthcare staffing, ShiftMed is playing for keeps—and it's why we bring our 'A' game to everything we do. Our commitment to innovation is one of many reasons we've become a top nursing jobs app for healthcare professionals and a go-to staffing partner for healthcare facilities nationwide. This post will cover our innovations in the past year alone.

Accountable Healthcare Staffing

We know how fast the healthcare industry changes, so we work especially hard to stay relevant and ahead of the technology curve for our hardworking nurses and valued facility partners. We keep ourselves accountable to them by remaining fluid in our technology efforts and constantly adjusting our products to meet their needs.

Nursing Jobs App Advancements

Our goal is to make our nursing app user experience as easy and beneficial to our W-2 healthcare professionals as possible. Because when we make things better for them, our facility partners experience better shift fulfillment, improved show rates, and lower labor costs.

New App Features

Our most notable nursing app updates involve launching two new features: ShiftMed Instant Pay™ and Uber Health rides. Healthcare professionals can request up to 75% of their pre-tax earnings immediately after clocking out of a shift through our free Instant Pay service. We're the only nursing jobs app offering this type of service with ZERO bank transaction fees. With Instant Pay, we can better recruit and retain high-quality healthcare professionals to support our facility partners. In an exclusive partnership with Uber Health, our healthcare professionals can request rides to and from their shifts directly in our app. As a result, our nurses never have to worry about how they will get to work on time because of car troubles or a lack of transportation.

Improved App Functions

We've made a few minor tweaks to how our app functions that significantly improve shift fulfillment and show rates for facility partners. For example, our healthcare professionals can now add multiple licenses to their credentials, allowing them to claim more shifts with facility partners. We've also lowered our driving distance filter to 30 miles because the closer a facility is to a healthcare professional, the better the on-time arrivals.

Faster Onboarding Processes

We're constantly onboarding new healthcare professionals and are always looking for new ways to streamline the process. Because the faster we can hire healthcare professionals, the better we can keep up with nurse staffing demand. For example, we enhanced our document review process to onboard healthcare professionals 10 times faster. We've also streamlined our facility agreement form process.

We work hard to make things easier and more efficient for our facility partners. That’s why we’re continuously advancing our app and Portal technology to align with your staffing goals and strategies.

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Facility Portal Enhancements

Healthcare staffing is complex. That's why we're always looking for ways to streamline and simplify the process for our facility partners. Our latest Portal enhancements make it easier to manage and track staffing operations by allowing facilities to:

  • Require workers to obtain a nursing supervisor's signature at clock in.

  • Gain better visibility into shift details and charges via a new invoice format.

  • See what shifts have scheduled Uber Health rides, including pick-up times.

If you're not already partnering with ShiftMed for your healthcare staffing, what are you waiting for? Book a demo and discover how our commitment to innovation can improve your nurse staffing today, tomorrow, and into the future.