We want to give a special shout-out to all our dedicated healthcare professionals—YOU ARE AWESOME!

Happy National Nurses Week! As the American Nurses Association celebrates our country's more than four million registered nurses using the theme "You Make a Difference," we want to give a special shout-out to all our dedicated healthcare professionals—YOU ARE AWESOME!

We know being a nurse isn't easy. You work hard, putting your heart and soul into patient care. While most patients and family members don't realize the full scope of your efforts, we see you and can't thank you enough for your selfless contributions every time you put on scrubs.

"In our line of work, it's easy for negative and frustrating thoughts to remain top of mind. So, for me, Nurses Week has always been a great time to step back and reflect on the positive outcomes that make what we do so rewarding."

—Brittany Williamson, RN, ShiftMed Director of Nursing

Nursing Is More Than Meets the Eye

As a nurse, you endure long hours on your feet and handle complaints with a smile while bringing care, comfort, and emotional support to patients and their loved ones.

You do so much more than take patients' blood pressures and temperatures. You help create and coordinate patient treatment plans as well as educate patients on preventing and managing medical conditions. You advocate for those in your care, protecting their medical, legal, and human rights.

"I don't think patients realize how much nurses advocate for them. I spent 10 years at the bedside, and patients had no idea it was me who got the doctor to come back to answer their questions."

—Paula Hagestad, RN, ShiftMed Clinical Compliance Nurse

You're also the final "gatekeeper" when preventing medication errors. And sometimes, you might even be the only experienced healthcare professional in the room when there's a new resident doctor on the floor. As we mentioned earlier, YOU ARE AWESOME!

"What I like about Nurses Week is the recognition it brings to the profession. It lets everyone know what nurses are about and the amazing contributions they make in healthcare."

—Diane Warburton, RN, ShiftMed Clinical Compliance Nurse

Remember Why You Became a Nurse

Another aspect of nursing that often goes unnoticed is all the different directions the job pulls you in during any given shift—which is ironic because you're also the glue that keeps all aspects of a patient's care together.

During those more challenging days, remind yourself that not just anyone can handle the unpredictable ups and downs of nursing—but YOU can—and that's what makes you good at your job. People count on you and put their lives in your hands. So, no matter how difficult your days may get, don't forget why you became a nurse—that's an excellent way to bring things back into perspective.

Some of you have told us why you became a nurse, and we thought Nurses Week would be the perfect time to share your passion for the profession with the rest of the ShiftMed nursing team. We love hearing from our healthcare professionals, so tell us why you decided to become a nurse here.

Why I Became a Nurse

Why I Became a Nurse

Why I Became a Nurse

Why I Became a Nurse

Thank You for Making a Difference

Nurses make a difference in ways people often don't realize—but that's okay because you know in your heart what you do matters, and there are people out there living a higher quality of life because of something you did. From the folks here at ShiftMed, we thank you for your hard work and dedication, especially those everyday moments that improve patient lives.