ShiftMed practices due diligence when recruiting and retaining reliable nursing staff.

From patient care disruptions to increased overtime costs to regulatory concerns, ShiftMed® understands the significant challenges healthcare facilities face when nurses don’t show up for shifts. It's why we practice due diligence when recruiting and retaining reliable nursing staff for our facility partners to fill scheduling gaps on demand.

Because of our thoroughness, ShiftMed has one of the highest show rates in the healthcare staffing industry. We've amassed a solid network of top-notch CNAs, LPNs, and RNs—also known as our Platinum Shifters—who boast an impressive 88% show rate.

So, what's our secret to finding nurses who are not only dedicated but also incredibly reliable?

In a nutshell, we hire talent we trust and then take a human-centered approach to staffing. We meet nurses where they're at, providing the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally—and we're not afraid to hold them accountable for the shifts they claim.

Let's pull back the curtain for a closer look at how ShiftMed brings workforce stability and continuous, high-quality patient care to acute and post-acute healthcare facilities nationwide.

Attracting Top-Notch Nursing Talent

As the staffing shortage continues to mount, so does the demand for job flexibility for nursing professionals—which makes sense with nurse burnout hitting an all-time high.

It's a catch-22 situation. Nurses want to be there for patients, but the increased workloads and mandatory overtime caused by the shortage negatively impact their mental and physical health. Therefore, how can nurses provide the best possible patient care when they're suffering?

As a result, many CNAs, LPNs, and RNs are turning to nursing jobs apps, such as ShiftMed, to choose when, where, and how often they work. Our app makes it easy for healthcare professionals to claim shifts on their terms and manage their work schedules from the palm of their hand.

"ShiftMed gives me flexibility. I can work and pickup shifts as needed. Thanks for making me feel so appreciated." —Sandy Nelson, ShiftMed Platinum Shifter

But job flexibility is only part of what we offer. We attract and retain top-notch nursing talent by providing comprehensive benefits and non-wage incentives that keep nurses engaged and satisfied with their work. Essentially, we show up for them so they can show up for you.

Our perks include:

  • Affordable healthcare plan offerings (medical, dental, vision, etc.).

  • Discounted Uber Health rides to and from shifts via the ShiftMed app.

  • Free ShiftMed Instant Pay™ for financial flexibility and security.

  • Special pricing on continuing education degree and certification programs.

Onboarding and Credential Verification Process

After a CNA, LPN, or RN downloads the ShiftMed app, we have them complete a comprehensive nursing professionals onboarding process that meets all federal and state regulatory requirements for delivering patient care.

Before a nurse can claim shifts in the app, we ensure they have adequate experience and verify their credentials, from professional licensure to vaccination records to CPR certification. They must also pass a clinical and safety knowledge quiz. Then, we run background and exclusion checks based on state requirements.

Lastly, we hire nurses as W-2 employees, not independent contractors, so they must complete various employment documents, such as a Form I-9, Form W-4, and an employee handbook. In other words, we shoulder the administrative burden of hiring nurses, significantly reducing the legal and financial risks faced by facilities.

For facilities with unique requirements, such as drug screenings, COVID testing, and orientation training, nurses must also complete these credentials to claim shifts at these locations.

Our network of top-notch CNAs, LPNs, and RNs—also known as our Platinum Shifters—boasts an impressive 88% show rate.

Attendance and Show Rate Policies

We hold nurses accountable for every shift they claim by setting clear expectations for attendance. As part of our revised 2023 policy, any of the actions below result in a 14-day suspension from work and then 30 days of attendance probation.

  • Three callouts in the same pay period

  • Four shift cancellations in the same pay period

  • A callout within two hours of a shift's start time

  • A no-call, no-show

We also closely monitor nurse show rates. Our app updates these rates in real-time, so nurses always know where they stand.

We consistently reward nurses with high show rates while imposing claim limitations on nurses below the desired threshold until they boost their show rate. Nurses with low show rates receive automatic attendance probation and face suspension or termination depending on the shift infraction.

During the first quarter of 2023, we reduced callouts and cancellations by 33% due to our revised attendance policy.

Nursing Rewards Program

While our attendance policy shows we mean business, our best-in-class Platinum Rewards Program incentivizes nurses to boost their show rates and maintain stellar attendance.

The program takes a tiered approach, with the Platinum level offering the best rewards and representing our most reliable nursing staff (Platinum Shifters). Rewards include first dibs on holiday pay rates, entry into a monthly $5,000 sweepstakes, and gift card giveaways.

"I've enjoyed the flexibility, the accountability, and how easy it is to navigate the ShiftMed app. Winning the monthly sweepstakes came at the perfect time—right before my birthday. I treated myself to a spa day." —Natalie Martinez, ShiftMed Platinum Shifter

ShiftMed has over 13,000 Platinum Shifters in our fast-growing nursing rewards program.

Platinum Rebate Program

We currently have over 13,000 Platinum Shifters in our fast-growing nursing rewards program. During the first quarter of 2023, these top-notch nurses improved our overall arrival rate by 20%.

We have a lot of faith in our Platinum Shifters—so much so that we'll pay our healthcare facility partners if one of these nurses fails to show up for a shift.

As part of our Platinum Rebate Program, eligible facilities receive credit for half of the claimed shift at the applicable hourly rate if a Platinum Shifter misses work.*

Innovative Healthcare Staffing Technology

We also use innovative staffing technology to help ensure our nurses show up to work on time and our healthcare facility partners achieve seamless, uninterrupted patient care.

Claim Limitations

Our nurses must work one shift at a healthcare facility before they can claim additional shifts at that location, an approach that reduces no-shows and improves quality assurance. Through the initial shift, the facility and the nurse can evaluate the working environment and assess if both parties have an alignment of values and expectations.

Shift Replacements

When a nurse calls out of a shift, our system's algorithm operates in real-time, instantly addressing the situation. A replacement shift automatically posts to the top of our shift feed, making it the most visible option for available healthcare professionals. This prioritization optimizes the chances of a swift replacement, reducing the potential for understaffing and associated challenges.

Shift Reminders

Our app leverages advanced algorithms to send timely reminders, ensuring that nurses are ready for their upcoming shifts. By sending reminders at strategic intervals—12 hours, 6 hours, and 1 hour before the shift starts—we enhance the punctuality and readiness of nursing staff.

Arrival Status

We don't stop at sending final shift reminders to nurses. Our Portal provides healthcare facilities with real-time insight into a worker's arrival. When nurses receive their last reminder notification one hour before a shift starts, they must indicate if they're on their way to work or running late, allowing facilities to make informed decisions.

Uber Health Rides

If an unexpected transportation issue arises, our nurses can request discounted Uber Health rides to and from their shifts directly in the ShiftMed app. When a nurse schedules a ride, the facility will see ‘Uber Scheduled’ with a pick-up time in the Portal. When Uber picks up the nurse, the column updates to ‘Uber in Progress’ and displays the arrival time.

Invite Feature

When a healthcare facility gels with a specific nurse, they can invite that nurse to fill a particular shift directly from our Portal. Healthcare facilities can build working relationships with our nurses through this feature, establish a dependable float pool of familiar faces, and reduce orientation needs.

Healthcare facilities can invite Platinum Shifters to set up block schedules free of charge for up to six weeks.

When a healthcare facility gels with a specific nurse, they can invite that nurse to fill a particular shift directly from our Portal.

Reliable Nursing Staff Conclusion

We aim for our nursing professionals, which include CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, to serve as reliable threads that strengthen the staffing fabric of a healthcare facility.

When employing top-notch nurses who show up for shifts like clockwork, our rigorous onboarding process, intense focus on accountability, and human-centered staffing approach help ensure our facility partners achieve sustained continuity of care and increased patient satisfaction.

Book a demo to learn how ShiftMed can help your healthcare facility deliver lower-cost, higher-quality patient care experiences.

* By opting into the Platinum Rebate Program, ShiftMed will credit your facility for half (1/2) of the claimed shift at the applicable hourly rate if the Platinum Shifter fails to show up for a claimed shift. Facilities must opt into the Program to be eligible to be paid for shifts when a healthcare professional does not show up for their shift. The Program is available in select markets for select facilities. 

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