How Nurses Can Gain Job Satisfaction

By ShiftMed Team//Healthcare Staffing , Nursing Profession
How Nurses Can Gain Job Satisfaction

Better staffing of nurses has been a dilemma for hospitals lately: They need to choose between reducing or limiting direct labor costs and providing better care quality. Some hospitals reduce nurse staffing to minimize cost. But studies show that nurse staffing is reportedly influential in hospitalized patients’ prognoses and safety and hospitals’ financial performance. Further, they show that hospitals with better nurse staffing can alleviate nurses’ workload, attract nurses to practice, and diminish workplace injury and illness rates. 

How to love your job and profession 

If you’re a nurse ready for a change—and ready to start loving your profession and your job again—here are five ways to help improve your overall satisfaction: 

  1. Check out new environments.

     An open and curious mind will help you learn and thrive as you encounter different new ways of doing things in different medical-surgical units, ICUs, and different healthcare facilities. Another way to ensure new horizons: sign up as a traveling nurse. (Note: ShiftMed does not hire traveling nurses from foreign countries that come to the US to work.) 

  2. Find nurse-friendly facilities.

     Positive patient outcomes, nurse satisfaction, and positive work cultures are all interlinked. A nurse-friendly culture ensures you are fully engaged in your practice and have some control over it. According to the University of Pennsylvania, magnet hospitals have better work environments and higher nurse job satisfaction than non-magnet facilities.  

  3. Seek autonomy.

     Do you want more freedom directing your day-to-day tasks? Find a facility that gives you the independence you need and will make you part of the decision-making process.  

  4. Find your best work-life balance.

     Flexible hours, one-on-one opportunities with patients and families, and a more predictable schedule allow for better work–life balance, promoting job satisfaction. You can also increase your options in the profession by pursuing an advanced degree or certification. 

  5. Care for yourself.

     Nursing can be stressful since nurses can tend to put the needs of patients, families, employers, and even communities ahead of their own. Consider facilities that offer a dedicated quiet room to meditate and do yoga, massages, or occupational therapy. And you’ll want to get enough rest, nutrition, and exercise; time with family and friends for fun; and time for mindfulness, reflection, and meditation on your own.  

As a nurse, to have satisfaction in your job, choose to work at a nurse-friendly facility that values you as a person. If you want to experience a better work-life ratio, investigate working at ShiftMed, where you can choose to work, when, and where you want. ShiftMed hires nurses to work full-time or part-time at healthcare facilities. You set your hours and work when you want. Now isn’t that satisfying? Apply today!