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Nothing is more irritating than arriving at a facility ready to work only for your shift to be canceled—and it’s even worse if you’ve secured childcare and wasted gas. We know cancellations are a common frustration among healthcare professionals who work through nursing jobs apps. But claiming shifts with ShiftMed is different.

We are the only nursing jobs app to offer Guaranteed Shifts, which means you’ll be paid for the entire shift even if the facility cancels! It also applies if the facility sends you home early. That’s right; you’ll never be left empty-handed and can confidently build your flexible work schedule.

While not all our shifts are guaranteed, we’re working hard to get more of them in our app. So, how do you know if a shift is guaranteed? It’s easy. Look for shifts in our app feed that sport our guaranteed badge. Just tap the claim button for that shift, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re a GNA, CNA, LPN, or RN, you can access Guaranteed Shifts.

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But as we work to increase the number of Guaranteed Shifts in our app, we need your help in making it a reality. When you claim a guaranteed shift, you must arrive at your shift on time.

You must also act professionally and complete all your assigned tasks during a shift. A facility has the right to remove you from upcoming Guaranteed Shifts at their location.

If you already work with ShiftMed, we appreciate all your hard work. So, thank you! But if you’re new to the gig economy, we’d love for you to join us—so you too can benefit from our exclusive Guaranteed Shifts perk. Download the app today!

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