A nurse is leaving the hospital after working a shift.

When you work as a per diem nurse, last-minute shift cancellations are bound to happen. So, it stings when you find childcare, fill up your gas tank, and show up to work only to get sent home without any nurse pay. But amidst the sea of uncertainty, ShiftMed® provides a beacon of hope.

Unlike other mobile nursing jobs apps, we're rewriting the script for per diem CNAs, LPNs, and RNs by offering Guaranteed Shifts®—an exclusive perk that liberates nurses from the shackles of unpredictability.

When you claim a Guaranteed Shift, you get paid for the entire shift if the facility cancels or sends you home early. So, there's no need to stack your schedule with overlapping shifts. Keep in mind, however, that not all shifts are guaranteed.

Scoring Guaranteed Nurse Pay

So, how do you know if a shift is guaranteed? It’s easy. Look for shifts in your feed that sport a guaranteed badge. Tap the claim button for that shift, and you’re good to go.

Claim a shift with a Guaranteed badge and get paid for the entire shift if the facility cancels or sends you home early.

If you're scrolling through your shift feed and don't see any badges, it's either because all the Guaranteed Shifts in your area have been claimed, or none are available.

Our healthcare facilities determine if they want to guarantee a shift or not. We're working hard to increase the number of Guaranteed Shifts in our app by educating facilities on best practices for shift fulfillment. We explain that excessive cancellations make nurses want to avoid claiming their shifts.

However, to succeed in getting more Guaranteed Shifts in the app, facilities need to know they can count on us. And the only way we can do that is through high arrival rates. In other words, when nurses claim shifts and fail to show up, it negatively impacts patients, and facilities hesitate to use us for shift fulfillment.

Also, when you claim a Guaranteed Shift, it’s essential to arrive on time, put your best foot forward, and complete all your assigned tasks. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you forfeit getting paid for the entire shift if the facility sends you home. A facility also has the right to remove you from upcoming Guaranteed Shifts at their location.

If you're already crushing it as a ShiftMed nurse, thank you for all your hard work. But if you're new to nursing jobs apps, we'd love for you to join our nationwide team of more than 350,000 healthcare professionals—so you too can access Guaranteed Shifts, high-paying nursing jobs, and our comprehensive suite of perks.

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