The Guaranteed Shifts® feature is a non-monetary incentive healthcare facilities can use to fill critical shifts quickly.

We've all heard the proverb, "the early bird gets the worm." It emphasizes the importance of starting something early to maximize the outcome. When using the ShiftMed app, it's best to post open shifts four to six weeks in advance to ensure fulfillment. However, we realize your facility schedulers don't always have that luxury with last-minute staff call outs. So, how can you fill critical shifts fast?

Guaranteed Income

We recommend using our exclusive Guaranteed Shifts® feature when posting last-minute shifts in our facility Portal. This non-monetary incentive can boost your pick-up rates by 20% and eliminate your reliance on surge pricing.

Our healthcare professionals seek out Guaranteed Shifts and claim them before anything else—even shifts with bonuses. Why?

Shift cancellations are super frustrating for healthcare professionals. Significant planning goes into working a shift, from childcare to transportation. So, when their shift gets cancelled, the healthcare professional experiences lost income and wastes their time and money.

Ultimately, healthcare professionals prefer the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed income—it's just too risky for them to choose bonus pay over guaranteed pay.

Guaranteed Shifts always display at the top of a nurse's Recommended Shifts feed.

How Guaranteed Shifts Work

When you guarantee a shift in our Portal, you pay the healthcare professional for the entire shift (plus any assigned bonus) if you cancel on them or send them home early. If the healthcare professional cancels, they don't get paid, and you don't get billed.

Good Times to Guarantee

Aside from filling critical shifts fast, there are several other instances where you can use Guaranteed Shifts to your advantage. For example, when:

  • You have a constant need for a hard-to-fill shift.

  • Your internal staff frequently calls out of a specific shift.

  • You need holiday or vacation coverage.

Need to Knows

Guaranteed Shifts help ensure on-time arrivals. If a healthcare professional arrives more than 15 minutes late to a Guaranteed Shift, they forfeit the guarantee of getting paid for the entire shift if you send them home early.

Furthermore, if a healthcare professional acts unprofessionally or doesn't complete their assigned tasks during a shift, you can remove that individual from any upcoming Guaranteed Shifts at your location without being billed.

Book a demo to learn how Guaranteed Shifts can improve your shift fulfillment, boost your weekly care hours, and achieve substantial cost savings.